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Many of you know me from my work a professional tattoo artist and cultural tattoo practitioner, and may even follow my tattoo blog www.indigenoustattooing.com/blog I have created this blog as a way for me to share about my non tattoo related artistic journeys. In this blog I will be posting and writing about my oil paintings, my multilayer stencil work and other exploratory projects. The projects I will be sharing in this blog will include my process of the creation of my own pigments which are collected in my traditional territory from the land and then processed mostly by hand. I say mostly because I have recently moved to a more mechanical means to grinding down my pigments.


Grinding down red ochre into a fine pigment.

Stay tuned as I begin to take on a journey with me through my artistic world. Check out my new art store, which will have new content almost monthly @ www.dionkaszasart.com

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